How it works

TheSymo is a crowdfunding platform that allows creators to receive recurring donations from their fans or patrons. The platform offers creators an easy way to raise funds to continue creating content, while giving patrons a way to support their work and receive exclusive content and rewards.

Here's how TheSymo works:

Registration: Creators must first register for an account on TheSymo. This requires providing basic information such as their name and email address, as well as information about their creative project.

Creating the page: Once registered, creators can create a page for their project. This page can include information about the project, images and videos to showcase their work, and details about the rewards and support levels they offer.

Defining support levels: Creators can define different support levels, called "levels," that offer different rewards or benefits to patrons. For example, a creator may offer a $1 level that includes access to exclusive content and a $5 level that includes access to exclusive content and a mention in the creator's next video.

Payment: Fans or patrons can then choose to financially support a creator by selecting one of the available levels and making a recurring monthly payment. Creators can also set funding goals to raise additional funds for specific projects.

Exclusive content and rewards: Patrons can enjoy exclusive content and rewards to show their support. Creators can use the funds received to continue working on their project.

Communication and analytics tools: TheSymo also offers various tools to help creators connect and communicate with their patrons and gain insights about them.

It's important to note that TheSymo may charge fees on transactions, which are used to cover the costs of maintaining and operating the platform.