About us

THESYMO is an online platform (social network) created to enable content creators to receive donations from their fans. The platform was inspired by a mother's experience who wanted to donate to a TikToker she loved but couldn't because there was no platform suitable for her needs.

In December 2021, Robert DJABAKU's mother, a Togolese developer, wanted to donate to a TikToker she admired. However, she encountered difficulties doing so because there was no platform suitable for her needs. She then discussed this issue with her son, who decided to put his computer skills at the service of his mother and content creators in the same situation.

In March 2022, the first test version of THESYMO was born, and a second version was born 5 months later in August of the same year. After receiving positive feedback from users, Robert DJABAKU decided to launch the official version of THESYMO in November 2022.

THESYMO is accessible to all content creators, regardless of their area of interest: music, video, photography, writing, etc. The platform also offers a referral system that allows referrers to receive a commission on their fans' donations, as well as a bonus system for regular donors. In addition, the platform is available in multiple languages, making it easy to use internationally.

Using THESYMO, fans can choose to support their favorite content creator by subscribing to a monthly plan or making a one-time donation. THESYMO is free to use, but transaction fees are charged for all payments. THESYMO takes a 13% commission on transactions, this includes the payment platform's transaction fees. Content creators can also choose to pay additional fees for advanced features, such as the ability to link social media accounts or send newsletters to their fans.

In conclusion, THESYMO offers a platform allowing African creators to monetize their online content thanks to their fans but which has quickly found its place in the crowdfunding landscape. Thanks to its features adapted to user needs, it allows everyone to support their favorite creators in a simple and effective way.