What is THESYMO?

THESYMO is Africa's premier support platform that allows content creators of all kinds to share their work and find financial support from their community.Whether you're an artist, musician, writer, video creator or any other type of content creator, THESYMO offers you the opportunity to share your passion with an audience that appreciates your work and wants to support you financially.

Getting started

How to make money with THESYMO?

Fans can enjoy exclusive content to show their support. Creators can use funds received to continue working on their project

Create an account on THESYMO

Users must first register for an account on TheSymo. This requires providing basic information, such as their name and email address, as well as information about their creative project.

Have your account verified

Once registered, creators must apply to become a content creator by providing correct information about themselves such as their addresses, cities of residence, number and a photo of their IDs.

Create great content

Once the account is verified, creators can create a page for their project. This page may include project information, images and videos to show off their work, as well as award details which are of course exclusive content that will not be found elsewhere.

Grow your market

Create attractive content for your audience and share your THESYMO page on social networks, in your videos or in your blog articles. The more you publicize your page, the more likely you are to find backers. Host exclusive online events, polls or contests to show your backers that you appreciate their support.

Donations and financing on THESYMO

Fans can then choose to financially support a creator by making a recurring monthly payment. Creators can also set fundraising goals to get additional funds for specific projects.Creators can also sell content of several types in the <THESYMO Market>

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